9 Tips to Freshen Your Social Media Profiles
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Social-media outlets are there to help you reach your audience, but they’re only effective if you take the time to tend to them


Everyone it seems has taken to social media, whether for personal or professional purposes. As a result, you can easily be lost in the crowd. To counter this, make sure to update your profiles, media and other information on a semi-frequent basis. This will help you become more recognizable and memorable.

Social-media profiles are anything but static. New posts, pictures, tweets and other updates appear every day—if not even more often (rapid-fire tweets, for example). With that thought in mind, you should update your outlets frequently to reflect your work and accomplishments, new skills and recent additions to your network. This will help you stay fresh in the minds of your intended audiences.

And the New Year is a perfect time to begin doing this. Here are a few simple tips that can help you spruce up your profiles and begin 2014 on the right foot.

1.  Update Your LinkedIn Profile.

With more and more people turning to LinkedIn for jobs and career opportunities, it’s important to keep your profile up to date. Have you started a new position in 2013? Picked up any new skills or certifications?  LinkedIn is a vital piece of your digital footprint, so be sure to keep your information fresh.

 2. Update Your Bio.

Along similar lines, be sure your bio (or in some instances, an “about” section) on other social channels such as Twitter or your blog are up-to-date. Where it makes sense, be sure to include relevant links, such as to your website, blog or additional social profiles.

3. Update Your Profile Photo.

Do you have a new headshot or photo that you’ve been using? If so, be sure to refresh your profile photo on respective social-media channels. On LinkedIn, for example, your connections will see an update when you’ve uploaded a new photo. This can be a great way to increase the visibility of your profile.

4. Enhance Your Network.

You’ve inevitably made new connections over the course of 2013, whether at networking events, conferences or trade shows. But have you followed up to connect with them on social channels such as LinkedIn or Twitter? Your network has never been more important than in today’s digital world, so be sure to follow through.

5. Adjust or Modify Your Notifications.

Some people may get too many notifications, while others feel like they aren’t getting enough. Tweak the settings based on your preference. (e.g., email frequency). For those who use their mobile device to access social channels, it’s also recommended that you modify the push notifications so you can get timely alerts and updates.




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