8 Tips for Avoiding Email Nightmares During the Holiday Season
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Online marketing is more important than ever, but getting your message to your customers can be challenging.

Experiencing deliverability issues with emails to customers can be a nightmare, especially if you have a lot of holiday inventory. There are ways to avoid the traps, penalties, and customer email fatigue. Read on!

Most probably you have invested a lot of time in creating appealing marketing pieces for your clients. But, for the process to be successful, you must plan a meticulous email campaign that will ensure that your emails arrive to your customers on time.

Hispanics are well known for building rich and long-term relationships with others. Extending that skill to your email marketing efforts during the holiday season can result in more sales. However, it will only work if your customers read your emails!

Here’s how to optimize your e-mail deliverability:

  1. Analyze current in-boxing rate and current Gmail data reputation.
  2. Find out if you have blocks or limitations with your email campaigns
  3. Make sure your client list is up to date. These lists outdate at 3% per week!
  4. Be mindful that many internet servers limit email volume by tightening the spam filters during this season to lessen the amount of unwanted emails.
  5. Ask your customers to partner with you: Customers have a higher tolerance for unwanted email during this season, but only if they find them valuable. The best approach is to send an email with a heads up and ask the customer to direct them to a preference center where frequency can be set up.
  6. Test, test, and test again. A good combination of testing options for the subject line and a maximum of emails per customer helps the success of the efforts. Some experts firmly believe that the subject line should not be more than 14 words and, yes, the fewer words the better, but mostly they need to capture attention, they are the hook…perhaps the most important part of your email.
  7. Categorize the “abandoned” emails (birthday, order confirmation, etc.) By setting a maximum number of messages each subscriber can receive from your brand daily or weekly you can ensure that the most important and effective messages always make it to the inbox.
  8. By gradually ramping up sending volume over the weeks leading up to the holiday season you can help avoid ISP penalties. Just be sure to monitor key deliverability metrics like complaint rates, unsubscribe rates, and ISP domain and IP reputation for 24 to 48 hours after you start your ramp-up efforts.

These are some recommendations that apply not only to the holiday season, but also for the rest of the year.

Plan, plan, test, test, and sell, sell!

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