5 Hispanic Entrepreneurs Making an Impact in the Food Industry
5 Hispanic Entrepreneurs Making an Impact in the Food Industry

Before we wrap up 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s important to recognize these Latino food notables.

We revisit these Hispanic small business owners for their passion and perseverance in getting their enterprises off the ground, leveraging a range of strategies to success.

Meet Joseph “Pepé” Badía, President of Badía Spices

Over their 50-year journey in Miami, Pepé and his family have transformed a small business into one of today’s leading family-owned Hispanic food companies, remaining at the top of their game as a principal supplier to national and global markets. Badía’s products have been sold and enjoyed in more than eighty countries, and in all corners of the United States. Pepé is a gentle giant—he is modest about his achievements and never fails to give his team of exceptional employees credit for the company’s…. Read more

Hispanic Business Spotlight on Blenlly Mena and Next Stop Vegan

Food was the smell of a plate of mashed potatoes with hot dogs when I came home from school and I’d always ask mami for ketchup for my hot dog pieces. Food means celebrations with my family. It’s a continuous memory of family time and/or love and warmth from my mother. Food means love and care and this is what inspired me to start the restaurant.  Next Stop Vegan=family, love, care and flavor leading our customers to unforgettable memories. When I first started Next Stop Vegan in South Korea in 2017, I delivered a unique service to my clients (ready-to-eat meals in the comfort of their kitchen). I delivered love, passion, desire, education and inspiration. I delivered a message. My goal was to help my clients…. Read more

Michelin Chef Carlos Gaytán Shares His Successful Journey [Video] Part 1

An accomplished chef and entrepreneur started from humble beginnings in Mexico. Coming to America, paying his dues as a dish washer in Chicago, he had an opportunity to learn his craft and attract a mentor.  His hard work and thirst for knowledge paid off when he established a Michelin star restaurant. Taking his expertise back to Mexico, creating successful restaurants, and then returning to Chicago, Chef Gaytán is dealing with the challenges of the restaurant industry during the Covid pandemic. Watch the Video

Also: Michelin Chef Carlos Gaytán, Covid & the Restaurant Industry [Video] Part 2  Watch the Video

Hispanic Businesswomen Are Baking Up Goodness

With their parents’ life savings to back them, Hispanic businesswomen Maria and Mariana Delgado Gambini embarked on a business venture that married their love of all things Paris with their individual interests in art, architecture and culinary arts, respectively. In January 2010, Chantilly Patisserie opened its doors, giving the women an opportunity to sell decadent desserts to… Read more.

Hispanic Business Key Is Quality Over Quantity

Latino restaurateur Adelo Ramirez has seen a lot of change in his life, including moving from Mexico to the U.S. at the age of five. But he’s learned to take advantage of the opportunities that surround him, and now, after years of hard effort, working for both others and himself, he’s become a successful business owner who refuses to roll over. Change, it’s said, is… Read more

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Hispanic Businesswomen Are Baking Up Goodness

Chef Gabriela Machado Creator, Owner of Copperbox Culinary Atelier


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Bronx Beer Hall Hispanic Business Owner Anthony Ramirez [Video]

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