4 Tips to Achieve Positive Habits


4.  Plan for your celebration

In closing…please, please celebrate yourself.

No matter how small or insignificant you think the accomplishment is, it matters! You’ve worked hard. Maybe you’ve prepped financials every Monday morning for the past month as planned, treat yourself and have some ice cream! Or maybe you woke up every morning this week ten minutes earlier to visualize your success with clients…treat yourself to an extra three minutes in the warm shower. Similar to the creation of the new habits, the celebration doesn’t need to be huge and extravagant; let it be small and easy. But let me be clear- ENJOY IT!

Now, it’s your turn to share. What other strategies have you used to help you be successful in creating new habits?

In this post I mentioned how I used the word “engaged” instead of busy. In my next post of this 8-part series “Self-Awareness for the Emerging Entrepreneur,” I’ll share with you how I’ve used language to set me up for accomplishing my dreams and goals. I’m excited to share that one. Stay Limitless!

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