4 Keys to Your Best Sales Yet

Sell what is (not what you think is) in the the best interest of your client …here’s how


How do you approach ‘selling’ your products and services?

Hint – Price is not always the deciding factor

All too often, salespeople focus solely on the price and product, and skip the “consultation”. The perception is that the price is all the customer cares about. But if the lowest price is really the most important factor, why do high quality or high service companies have so much success?

What customers really want is value for their money, based on who they are and what is important to them.

The best salespeople will take the time to get to know who the customer is and what their buying motivations are, before worrying about selling a product or service to the customer.

Ask yourself: What are the real customer needs in your industry? What challenges or problems are you solving when you sell them your product or service?

Knowing what a customer really needs when selling is critical in creating more sales success. Instead of trying to sell, try thinking about how you can help them. If you view it as an opportunity to help someone and not just another way to make money, you may actually end up making more money in the end.

So how do you determine how and why the customer wants to buy from you?

Be disciplined and execute these steps:

1. Be a great observer.

Different customers have different personalities. Knowing your customer’s personality will tell you how you might need to adapt in order to help them with their decision. Studying your customers’ actions and not just their words will be very useful.

2. Ask questions.

Prepare a set of questions that will give you the basic information you should know about your customer before attempting a sale. Also have a second set of questions that will gather more detailed information from the customer.

3. Listen carefully! And don’t miss any details

Make sure when you ask questions to determine the customer’s needs, you actually listen to their answers and retain what they say. Don’t try and react too quickly with a solution. Do your best to listen to every detail the customer expresses.

4. Build the right solution.

Armed with the information you’ve gathered thus far, show the customer how your product and service will addresses their needs, and tailor your approach to fit different customers and situations.

Treat each customer with a sincere “want to help” attitude. Great customer service will enable you to sell more, and more importantly, generate happy, loyal customers.

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Simone Obermaier
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Simone Obermaier works as a Loan Associate for Community Capital’s Small Business Lending Department. In her work, she provides not only capital to small business, but also advice and expertise on a variety of entrepreneurial topics. She is an experienced financial services professional with expertise in lending and economic development. Her work with small businesses has given her great appreciation for entrepreneurs – the risks they are willing to take and the passion they bring to their businesses. Prior to joining Community Capital she worked for the Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation, where she focused on the NYS Empire Zone Program and new business development initiatives. Simone holds a B.S. in International Business from SUNY New Paltz and an A.S. in Business Administration from Dutchess Community College, both summa cum laude.