3 Ways to Supercharge Your Hiring Process

​​The value of any business is determined by the people who are a part of it. So, making sure that you hire the best possible person to fill each role within your company is crucial to its success – and a company’s hiring and recruitment process can be the difference between hiring a candidate who may end up costing you and your business money (and valuable time!) and securing the ideal person for the job.

With this in mind, here are 3 tips you can use to reinvigorate your hiring process:

Enhance your business’s online presence.

Your branding, social media and content marketing tactics aren’t just for attracting customers, they should also be implemented with an eye for attracting the best candidates to fill positions within your company.

By promoting your brand online with social media, blogs and video content – and having your internet presence reflect how good a company yours is to work for – you’ll make your business seem more desirable to potential job candidates.

So, when your company gets around to posting a job ad, a greater number of high caliber candidates are likely to apply because they’ve already perceived that your brand is a good one to work for.

Write the perfect job ad.

There are tons of mistakes made by employers, recruiters and hiring managers when advertising job positions.

When it comes to writing job ads, the main focus should be on what your company can provide to the candidate – rather than what you want them to be able to do for you –  in order to attract the greatest number of quality candidates from which your business can take its pick.

It’s also important to really differentiate between ideals and must-haves. Sometimes we make the mistake of creating the perfect candidate profile and make all those skills, experiences and certifications an absolute must-have.

In order to build this list, you need to determine an ideal employee profile. Then, you can map those qualifications and experiences they might need. For example, identifying that the role you wish to fill will have multiple responsibilities (let’s call it an all-terrain business role) because you are still a growing or small-team business will make you aware that a candidate with a bit more experience could be more effective for a role like that. 

When it comes to stipulating what you do need from a candidate, keep it to the absolute essentials so that you don’t overload potential candidates with text. Remember that some skills can be learned on the job and you might be deterring brilliant candidates with your hefty list of job requirements.

Level up your interview process.

The job interview is a crucial part of the hiring process – it’s where you decide if a candidate is right for your company, and where the candidate decides if your business is right for them (this part is often forgotten by recruiters).

To conduct the best possible interview to entice interviewees, and to figure out if a candidate is truly the best person for the role, here are a few things you can do:

  •    Do your homework beforehand, thoroughly combing through interviewees’ resumes so that you can prepare questions that are relevant to them.
  •    Prepare questions that matter, with each question being relevant to the role that the candidate is applying for; steer clear of generic interview questions such as “what are your weaknesses?” that don’t really reveal anything about their suitability for the role.
  •    Make the interview a conversation, not an interrogation – this will allow interviewees to open up so you can gauge more about them as people. A friendly, relaxed interview environment will make your business seem like a more appealing place to work.

So, if you want to attract the best possible candidates to fill positions within your business, make sure to prioritize your online presence, write the perfect job advertisement and carry out a top-quality interview to seal the deal.


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