3 Marketing Resolutions for 2014


3. Do something different at least once a quarter.

According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This holds true in everything we do, and it may explain why you’re stuck with slow or declining revenue. If you follow the first two resolutions, it shouldn’t be that difficult to create a list of new things to try out.

The best part is that in the new digital world, you can more easily test new strategies and evaluate and expand upon them nationally or globally with the push of a button. Long gone are the days of lengthy copy revisions, printing schedules and limited media. You don’t have to wait until the Sunday paper to give out a discount coupon.

Promise yourself that you’ll give close consideration to these resolutions for your 2014 marketing plan. If you do, it’s likely things will change for the better.

As always, feel free to comment on this marketing piece and share your own thoughts and experiences.


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Jesus Grana
Jesus Grana
Jesús Grana has 20 years of experience as a strategy and marketing professional with a special interest in social media marketing. Cuban born, Puerto Rico raised and U.S. educated, he is actively engaged in learning and testing social media strategies and tools.

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