3 Marketing Resolutions for 2014

For a small business it’s often the simple things that count when considering your marketing efforts


With 2014 fast approaching, you should take a second look at your marketing options. Even if you don’t change them, it’s good to remind yourself about what you should be doing.

In case you haven’t finalized your marketing plans for 2014, here are the top 3 items you must consider doing as soon as possible:

1. Confirm who your customers are.

When was the last time you reviewed the information you have about your customers/clients? Have you kept up with the latest trends to truly identify whether your products or services still deliver on their goals? Are there new substitute offerings that more closely match your customers’ changing lifestyles?

A prime example of an industry that has been slow to move with customer preferences is cable TV. Resting on its laurels, it has completely missed the digital-video delivery revolution, as more and more people give up on their cable boxes in favor of Rokus, Apple TVs and Chromecast. Even smart TVs, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players are bringing digital-service options into the living room.

2. Focus on the right channels to reach your customers.

Are you still using a print telephone directory as your primary awareness channel? Are your clients primarily other businesses that may find you on LinkedIn while your sole presence is on Facebook? Are you offering visual services/products (food, knitting, design) but haven’t created a Pinterest page?

This resolution follows the first very closely. Once you review and confirm your customers’ preferences, you should focus your efforts on the channels that will most closely match them. Always remember to follow your customer and not the hype. (You can stop sending Snapchat photos and give a closer look at Instagram.)



Jesus Grana
Jesus Grana
Jesús Grana has 20 years of experience as a strategy and marketing professional with a special interest in social media marketing. Cuban born, Puerto Rico raised and U.S. educated, he is actively engaged in learning and testing social media strategies and tools.