3 Fun Ways to Celebrate International Cat Day [Video]
Tina Trevino and her cat

Can we just admit it? We love our cats! They are our best friends.

Cats can be comforting during the stressful times in our lives and they are always a source of constant laughs and entertainment. There’s nothing better than coming home from a work day or a long trip and being greeted at the door by your cat.

I’ve loved a few cats in my lifetime, 5 to be exact, and had my heart broken by the passing of a few, some from old age and others due to illness, but the one thing I do know is that cats will always be an important part of my life, making the time I have with each of them something special.

Today we celebrate International Cat Day with three great ways to share in the fun of cats.


If you’re already the lucky owner of a cat, I’m sure you’ve had days working from home and noticed that your cat knows to look for your full attention right about the time you are getting ready to finish a big project, or jump on a call. They like to take over computer keyboards threatening to hit the send button on an unfinished email, run across the computer screens in a streak of fur during a zoom call, bite our ankles for food or a rub when we’re socializing with others, or start meowling incessantly for no good reason.

On the flip side, you may work away from your home and feel bad that your cat is not getting enough attention. Either way, cats love playtime. If you can carve out some time to keep them entertained with chasing or jumping toys or puzzle toys, maybe even just a cardboard box or bag, they’ll be so entertained that they’ll hopefully wear themselves out and be happy to catnap the rest of the day. I happen to be the owner of a large Manx cat named Maxwell who loves to play fetch with his favorite pom pom ball.  No joke, he could fetch forever, just like a dog!

Adopt a Cat:

There are just so many cats in shelters that need forever homes. If you’re even contemplating getting a cat, I recommend going to your local shelter to see what kittens or cats are available. Make sure to share your list of what traits you’d like in a cat with the team who runs your shelter. They’ve spent hours with these felines and can help to guide you. Are you looking for a young playful kitten or a more mature and laid back cat? If you want two cats, maybe you can adopt a bonded pair that  have already established a relationship together. Do you want a cat that likes to be picked up or one that is more independent? Make sure to ask all the questions. I needed a companion for 6-year-old Maxwell and, knowing that he was a big mushy loving cat who did not need any crazy cattitude in his happy, treat-filled life, I made sure to look for a female cat that was past her kitten stage and had a very loving personality so that they would hopefully get along from the start much more easily. That would be Luna the 2-year-old Calico you see here. I visited the shelter with no expectations of what I would possibly be coming home with because I needed to find an adoptable cat that would be the best fit mostly for Maxwell. Don’t be selfish thinking that you need a particular cat because you like the way it looks. That doesn’t mean it’s the right match for you, your household or your other pets.

Help a Shelter:

You may not be ready to adopt a cat, but you can certainly help a shelter out by making a donation of food, cat litter, blankets, and other supplies. They will be so appreciative of whatever can be provided to take care of these animals 365 days a year. If you’re so inclined, you can even offer your time to be a helper. Cats love attention and any opportunity to get them out of their kennels for some love and human contact is always a great thing. This helps the shelter understand their personalities and helps the cats adjust to being with humans as they await their new homes. Who knows you may even fall in love with one or two and decide to foster or adopt!

And lastly, what International Cat Day wouldn’t be properly celebrated without a gratuitous three-minute “put a smile on your face” video showing some of my favorites cats!


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