3 Enhanced Breathing Techniques for Business Success



3.  Breathe mindfully in challenging conversations 

Whether a “difficult conversation” for you means pitching business, discussing gains or losses with your business partner, or an accountability conversation with an employee, mindful breathing can help reduce the stress in these situations.

  • If you start a conversation anticipating it will be a difficult one, take a few minutes to do the deep breathing exercise described above before starting the conversation. Practice the message you really want to get across.
  • In situations within the middle of the conversation if you find yourself getting heated, pause and then breathe. So many folks are so afraid of the silence that they continue to talk even when it is hurting them more then helping. Allow the quiet and allow yourself to get grounded again in your body. Have a drink of water, and use those few seconds to decide the next 1-2 points you want to make.
  • When identifying multiple points within a meeting, be conscious about taking one or two deep breaths as you transition from one topic to another.

There are many stressful situations in business and life. Gain control and improve performance through these mindful breathing techniques.

In my next and last post of this 8-part series “Self-Awareness for the Emerging Entrepreneur, I’ill cover discuss Getting Complete in Your Life and how that translates to being a successful Entrepreneur. Until then, Stay Limitless!

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