14 Productivity Pieces for 2014



8. Happiness, Will You Know It When You See It?

A key to success is recognizing happiness and defining what it means for you.

• Whether you need to push past fear or experience happiness, your ability to recognize your needs and emotions plays an important role in managing yourself and making choices that will bring you closer to the success you need.
• Many people define happiness as achieving success—financial, business, professional and personal success. But what exactly is success: how much success and how often?


9. 5 Keys To Building a Self-Fulfilling Model for Confidence

Confidence is a necessity in business and in life

• Tell Yourself You are Confident, and Your Brain can Learn to Believe It
• The brain can learn what it experiences, real or imagined. Visualization and virtual reality experiences can convince the brain we’ve experienced things we’ve only imagined. The brain processes our thoughts and virtual experiences as tangibly as it processes our actual experiences. If you believe you can succeed, you can vastly improve your odds of succeeding.




10. Getting Overwhelmed? Catch Yourself Before You Fall

Learn your personal signs of becoming overwhelmed, so you can get back on track

• Once we hit the wall of being overwhelmed, it can take a lot of work to get back on track. However, if you can become more aware of the early signs, you can improve your odds of navigating away from the edge.

• By looking for your personal signs of becoming overwhelmed, you can keep a step ahead of stress and get back on the path to success.


11. 4 Simple Steps To Help Avoid Being Overwhelmed

Boost Your Resilience Against Getting Over Worked And Overwhelmed

Even if you are not yet feeling overwhelmed today, there are techniques you can practice each day that can build your resilience and fortify you against the days when you do begin to slip toward becoming overwhelmed.


12. Can You Identify When Fear is Holding You Down?

Know the steps to identify and overcome fear, so you can achieve success

• Fear has two faces: one side that can pull you down and another that can motivate you to push ahead.

• Once you begin this process of awareness, you can put yourself back in a position to manage your fears so they do not hold you down.


13. How to Turn Fear to Your Advantage

Consider these five steps in the process of using fear to fuel your actions.

• To use fear to your advantage, you must have an awareness and appreciation of it: what it is, what it means, where it comes from and, most importantly, what you can do about it.
• By being mindful of what is going on inside and around you—and how you are reacting and behaving—you can learn to recognize and identify your fear, understand and manage your own reactions and regain control.


14. Are You Lost In Transition? Three Stages

Understanding where you are in the transition process and knowing the three stages can successfully help you navigate through it

Although transitions can be energizing, unresolved transitions can stop you from enjoying new experiences. Examine your thoughts and emotions to determine if you’re stuck in transition. Understanding if and why you’re lost in transition enables you to embrace change and take positive steps in new directions.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and productive New Year!