10 Rock Solid Apps for Business

8. FreshBooks—FreshBooks will create invoices and automatically send them to clients for you while you’re on the go. Just type the client’s information into a form and send it. The invoice can give clients the option of paying with a variety of methods, including check, cash, credit or Paypal. 5 stars. Available for iPhone. Standard cost: $20/month. Premium cost: $40/month.

9. Campfire—Campfire enables instant group chat communication for all of your employees. This is ideal for keeping everyone on the same page in a fast-paced small business environment. Just install it on everyone’s phone for mobile meeting capabilities. 4 stars. Available for iPhone and Android. Standard cost: $24/month. Premium cost: $49/month.

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10. Zoho—For professionals in need of mobile content creation, Zoho is one of the better apps out there. It includes tools for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, scheduling, project management and even Web monitoring. 4.5 stars. Available for iPhone and Android. Standard cost: Free. Premium options vary.



Mobile Future

All in all, the future of business is shaping up to be tech-savvy and mobile-centric. Productivity and financial apps help keep a business on the cutting edge. They can free up the time spent keeping track of the business side of a business, leaving entrepreneurs free to connect with customers, develop products and stay on top of the game. As more and more Hispanic business owners emerge as entrepreneurs and leaders, more smartphones and apps will be developed to help manage the startup companies they build.


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