10 Rock Solid Apps for Business

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3. Expensify—Keeping track of expenses is one of the most important parts of running a small business. The Expensify app enables entrepreneurs to scan, upload and organize electronic copies receipts, submit expense reports and track mileage. 4.5 stars. Available on all platforms. Standard cost: Free, plus $5/month for each additional employee submitting reports.

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4. Asana—Managing workflow and productivity is an integral part of making sure that business runs smoothly. The Asana app helps manage project schedules so you can hit milestones and meet deadlines. 4 stars. Available for the iPhone. Standard cost: free.

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5. InDinero—While expense reports are necessary to running a business, getting an overall accounting view of your company’s financial situation may be even more useful. InDinero syncs to your company’s credit card and bank accounts to keep track of expenditures over time, helping predict future cash flow trends and providing reports to keep finances on track. 5 stars. Currently only available through mobile Web browsing. iPhone and Android apps forthcoming. Standard cost: $30/month.

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6. Square—If you sell services or products on the go, Square is an essential app that lets you transform your smartphone into a credit card reader, which has the potential to improve your bottom line. People are far more likely to buy things if they can use plastic, and Square helps you compete with big chain stores without all of the equipment overhead. 4.5 stars. Available for iPhone and Android. Cost: 2.75 percent per credit swipe or $275/month. Includes free card reader hardware.

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7. Prosper—Prosper is a crowd-sourced business lending application. Secure funding to make investments to improve your business’ profitability. If you’re looking for alternative ways to finance your company, this app puts you in touch with private lenders. 4.5 stars. Available for iPhone and Android. Cost: 0.5-4.95 percent per loan. Mobile app is free.

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