10 Rock Solid Apps for Business

Our list includes 10 top smartphone apps can help your business succeed in an economy that is increasingly driven by mobile


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According to recent studies from Nielsen, Hispanic professionals are most likely to use mobile and social apps for functions ranging from entertainment to business. For many Hispanic business owners, mobile apps and wireless technology is not just a luxury—it is an integral part of their business models.

With Latino consumers taking an ever-increasing slice of the mobile market, it’s important to know which smartphones are the best for small business apps. A recent ComScore study shows the most commonly used platform for smartphones was Google’s Android software with a 47 percent market share, used by a variety of mobile phone producers. Apple’s iOS, the iPhone operating system, maintains a steady 29 percent share while the Blackberry RIM mobile platform is currently at 16 percent, retaining its third place market share.

While Apple uses its own hardware design for the iPhone system, both the Android and RIM platforms are licensed by third-party hardware providers. The highest-quality and most common Android phones are made by Samsung, LG and Motorola. Blackberry RIM is commonly used with Motorola phones, but Blackberry sells proprietary phone hardware as well.




10 Apps for Hispanic Small Business Professionals

Whether Hispanic business owners use Apple, Android or Blackberry smartphones, a mobile device is only as productive as the apps installed on it. Download these 10 productivity apps to speed up your business’ work flow and improve productivity.

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1. Evernote—The only mobile notepad you’ll ever need, Evernote enables you to store and catalog voice reminders, schedules, text, photos and more. Entrepreneurs are characterized by their brilliant ideas, and with Evernote, you’ll never have to forget an idea again. 5 stars. Available on all platforms. Standard cost: Free. Premium cost: $5/month.

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2. LocalVox—Ideal for business owners who want to build their social brand but don’t have time to update everything, LocalVox allows users to publish to all social media sites at once. You can promote your business on local directories, automate email marketing and get monthly marketing optimization reports as well. 5 stars. Available on iPhone and Android. Standard cost: $199/month.

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