10 Flavors of Small Business Social Content To Share


6)     Ask Questions: You can ask questions on almost anything, but generally you may want to avoid anything controversial (though that is a matter of choice based on your brand and business culture, just ask STARBUCKS).
Try a question such as: “What did you think about last nights storm?’ or “How did we do last week when we promoted our ABC service for a 15% discount” or ‘Who do you think will win this years Superbowl?”

7)     Links, Resources, Tips: Gather and share useful links and resources in your community, related to your business or on topics of interest to you.

8)     Share other people’s content: Help other businesses, especially those related to you or in your community by sharing information or engaging with them in social networks.

9)     Sales and Promotions: Certainly you want to sell and promote your own information. This is much easier to do when it is not all that you do. This is the information you want to hit the mark when the timing is right. For that to work you need to be present and visible as a member of the social community and not just as a seller.

10)  Respond and Engage: Keep your eyes and ears open and find opportunities to jump into a conversation in social networks. You do not need to stay long. Monitor conversations, look for key words or key people, join groups, networks and communities. Organic opportunities take advantage of serendipity and it is often serendipity and being able to grab it that leads to success.

Maintain Balance

Remember not to go overboard, sending 10 or 20 messages in a row 3 or 4 times a day is probably excessive. You can choose to establish your own pattern. Every Monday you may chose a “Monday Quote” on Tuesday you may choose a ‘Celebration’ and more. Finding a pattern and content that you enjoy and works with your schedule is important.

As a business owner time is often lost to you and you may wonder how you will fit all of these into your schedule. In fact often you can spend as little as 30 minutes a day on many days to sustain and even improve your social media presence. Even when you only share once, at the right time, you may be slipping into other people’s periphery.

They may not consciously see you but when they see you sharing and contributing on a regular basis they may take notice in the moment when the timing is right. Along the way you may also build genuine relationships with your extended community of customers, clients, vendors, and more that turns them into Brand Ambassadors for your business. This does not mean you are taking a hit and miss, or scatter gun approach. You are being systematic, focussed and engaging and increasing your odds of being in the right place at the right time when you can meet the needs of your customer.

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Tara Orchard
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