What’s For Dinner?

A multi-tasking mom has a recipe that you won’t find in any cookbook.



My husband doesn’t understand why I ask the question.  The answer to it looms large in my daily life.  And just knowing the answer is not enough.

“What’s for dinner tonight?”

I ask it first of myself, doing an inventory of my obligations for the day, what’s in the fridge, the family activities for that day and what we ate the night before.  I must also take into account how I’m likely to be feeling at 6 PM, and will I really want to eat “that.”

So at roughly 6:45 in the morning, five days a week, I try to resolve the dilemma.   Having this question answered allows the rest of the day to happen. I don’t have to think about the nourishment of my loved ones for another 11 hours.

The requirements are complex. I must have the ingredients.  Prep and cook time must equal one hour or less.  There needs to be a protein and some vegetables.  It must please all four of us.

The cooking shows make it look easy.  It is not.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that I’m not the only woman that asks this question.  Sometimes I ask others “what’s for dinner?”  I often get a quizzical response like “uh, chicken.”

I probe further. How will you cook it?  What will you serve it with?  How long does it take?  Rarely do I get an answer that makes me say, “Hey, that sounds good. I’ll make that too.”


About the author

Teressa Jimenez

Teressa Jiminez is a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and full-time employee for a major technology firm.  She lives in Chapel Hill, NC.