Four techniques to  help you maximize your body language and generate more effective communication.  
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How to diffuse a difficult encounter in situations involving difficult people.  
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Memorial Day is not about the first day of summer, barbeques, picnics and the beach. It’s about the sacrifice.  
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Laughter in the Workplace Boosts Health and the Bottom-Line.  
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The top eight communication guidelines.    
Valuing your employees will help build your business
Small business owners need to carefully evaluate and not make assumptions.     
Creating an Archetype for High Frequency Corporate Leadership  
Here are 6 career tips, habits that I adopted based on Stephen R. Covey's great advice.  
3 questions to ask prior to hiring a new employee.    
Failure is a common core to a heroes’ success.  
The “Me Too” movement is a wake up call for small business owners to ensure a safe and productive work environment.  
Greeting the prospect initiates your meeting is called THE 7 SECOND IMPACT.  
Creating a solid fringe benefit program for your employees will build value for them and for your small business.  
The source of leadership perspective can be found everywhere yet most of the time we only see our own.  
Personal and small business success is also about values.  
Don’t lose the horse while you are buying the saddle.     
Small business and education, a new field for ideation  
Understand and address work-life conflict of interest scenarios.  
Finding perspective and balance for your 24/7 and 4 questions.