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Latin Business Today Advertising Opportunities

Latin Business Today’s Mission: "We Coach Your Success" to enable growth of Hispanic small/medium business owners and entrepreneurs in today’s challenging economy.

Latin Business Today is a multi-platform real-time “trusted advisor” which 
Informs, Inspires, Mentors & Empowers.

Why a trusted advisor? Creation of original content, information and advice at the highest standard of excellence, much more than just opinions. Latin Business Today contributors are experts within their field.

  • A 130 coaching team with superior credentials and track record with a dedicated commitment to the Latin Business Today’s audience 
  • Depth and breadth- a business and professional team across all the vital business disciplines including: law, accounting, finance, IT, marketing, Thought Leaders, HR/Talent, event, travel and more…
  • Strategic thought leaders with vision on the cutting edge from notable companies and organizations including: Cisco, Deloitte, Forrester, Gartner, GfK, IBM, IRS and SAP and others.  

How? Coaching Through:  

  • Engagement with key decision makers with relevant and timely information.
  • Facilitation of active dialogue. 
  • Identification of pain points and offering insightful solutions.
  • Featuring Hispanic owned small and medium companies that our audience can identify with and relate to.

Why Advertise in Latin Business Today?

Latin Business Today Delivers an Environment Rich with Opportunities to Engage Your Key Business Decision Maker Target.

1. Key Business Decision Makers directly involved in evaluating & purchasing products & services for Latino owned Small & Medium businesses. They include:

  • Business Owners and Managers
  • Strategists & Stakeholders
  • Key decision makers
  • Purchasing power

2. Environment:

  • Trusted advisor- exclusive mentor network
  • A learning and decision making mindset
  • Latin Business Today is unique because of our approach and editorial platform. Our Editorial platform is a perfect environment to reach and build relationships with our audience

3. Beyond the banner: over two decades of online advertising experience and marketing expertise to partner on a custom campaign

Latin Business Today Testimonials

“The return of Latin Business as Latin Business Today means I can look forward to reading about trends in corporate enterprise and their connection to Latinos nationwide.”
– Terri Hernandez Rosales, Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs, NBC4-Los Angeles

“Latino business owners and professionals are sure to benefit from Latin Business Today’s rich editorial offerings. Small businesses in particular need the tools to survive during these challenging economic times. Our partnership with Latin Business Today will help provide these tools,”
– Hector V. Barreto, Chairman, The Latino Coalition and the 21st administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Advertising Specifications and Contacts

Advertising units in Latin Business

Latin Business Today web site

Standard IAB Ad units:
▪ Header and Footer ads located throughout: 728 × 90, file size: 40K
▪ Sidebar top 300 × 250, file size: 40K
▪ Sidebar bottom 300 × 250, file size: 40K

Latin Business Today weekly newsletter

Standard: Right column location: 728x90

Other options available within campaigns 

Advertising sponsorships are available and created based on advertiser needs and objectives.

For more information please contact us:
Barry Mittelman, Publisher- New York
(914) 788-4197