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Our Mission

"We Coach Your Success" to grow or start small businesses with a Latino nuance.

Latin Business Today is an established “trusted advisor” brand with a “best and brightest” team of executives, exemplary mentors and advisory board members who coach solutions for today’s rapidly changing market with a Latino nuance.

The internet is a mine field of inaccurate, outdated information by “self-proclaimed experts” which negatively impacts decisions…business owners are naturally concerned about who and what to trust. 

Our trusted advisors provide timely, accurate information from highly qualified leaders with outstanding track records…coaches who care.

Latin Business Today Is a Trusted Advisor Brand where credibility matters

  • Thought Leadership Experts across all business disciplines, Latino culture, Latino trends, Inspirational Latinos, Latino entrepreneur success stories. 
  • 130 Coaches or Mentor- Contributors who engage...all with proven track records.
  • Original & Exclusive content:articles, webinars, videos, event speakers, workshop leaders and new virtual learning certified program.

Small business with Latino Nuance

Ongoing spotlights on Latino small business owners, inspirational Latinos, Latino Culture (including Eddie Palmieri, Bobby Sanabria and others) and Latino trends. 

Latin Business Today celebrates Latinos through a highly relatable multi-media platform covering:

  • Latino small business owners
  • Inspirational Latinos 
  • Latino trends
  • Latino work, life and culture 

According to Latin Business Today Facebook (56K), surveys and weekly newsletter (15K) the audience is comprised of… 

  • A mix of English dominate acculturated and dual English-Spanish dominant who take pride in their culture.
  • They require relatable rock-solid guidance, coaching and information. 
  • Female: 66%
  • Age 25-54: 52%
  • Business tier:
    • Active established business owners
    • Recently launched a business
    • Profiles considering launching a business: 
      • Corporate execs/employees who always wanted to start a business
      •  Those just graduating high school and college
      • Stay at home moms and dads starting a side business
      • Gen X/Y and “boomers” second careers  
  • By region: Latin Business Today maps to the top performing metros for Latinos- Los Angeles, NY, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, Texas: San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Austin. 
  • Top tier in influence and buying power within the Latino community

In today’s highly competitive economic environment coaching and information providing insights on marketplace trends and proven routes to success. Indeed, it can be said that access to such information is often what distinguishes winners. This is the animating principle behind Latin Business Today.

First and foremost, however, Latin Business Today is a forum for the exchange of ideas, and for collaboration. Readers will gain perspective and insight through dialog with one another, as well as from our rich editorial offerings. The latter will include comprehensive coverage across a broad range of relevant subject areas, in addition to coverage of innovators and achievers.

Our emphasis on mentoring and empowerment was inspired by the life work of Les “Coach” Fernandez, founder and executive director of EduCage, a ground-breaking alternative educational program for at-risk youth established in Westchester County, New York, in the 1960s.

We will continue work on two ancillary Latin Business magazine properties: the Latin Scholarship Fund, which provides tuition assistance to deserving Latino college students, and the Latin Business Spirit Awards, an annual awards gala honoring standout Latino professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Latin Business Today multi-platform will evolve with the marketplace and its readership, and we encourage you to provide regular feedback.  We are very excited about our collective future. Thank you for your support.

Barry R. Mittelman, Publisher

Latin Business Today Team To Facilitate Hispanic Business Growth 

Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, partner, director marketing & communications

Richie FernandezRichard Fernandez legacy brand leader, Richie son of Dr. Les "Coach" Fernandez served as an instructor at "EduCage" charter school where is father Les was founder and executive director. Richie then spent the next 20 years as a White Plains, N.Y. police officer, president of the White Plains PBA and a Detective 2nd grade. He currently runs a construction business.


Robert Goodman, partner, attorney, LBT legal counsel, legal editor , immigration attorney

 UX ITCIODigital Strategist,User Experience Design
Barry Mittelman, publisher previously worked in publishing as well as positions in communications, competitive marketing, and sales leadership at IBM, Prodigy, CMP, Cox Interactive, PGA of America, and Deloitte.



tina_avatar_1390919962-96x96Tina Trevino, director community relations, Tendencia editor is also the Senior Design Director of KBL Group Intl. Ltd. in NYC and manages their large creative design team.With many years under her belt in the industry, she has also gained the ability to go beyond the fashion component and help to work through sourcing, fitting, production and merchandising issues as well.
Friends and pioneers who helped us get started:

Nona Aguilar Co-managing editor and writer, Nona is an author and editor who has written about a wide range of topics related to business, finance, health and medicine.



Miriam Vializ-Briggs, chief marketing officer Miriam previously worked in marketing at General Foods, American Express, and IBM. She was named Corporate Executive of the Year by the National Society of Hispanic MBAs. Hispanic Engineer magazine listed her among its Top 50 Hispanics in Technology Business.


Greg McComb associate publisher, Greg founded and served as editor and publisher of Latin Business magazine, and is a sales veteran of multiple trade titles.