Among the issues that regularly expose employers to regulatory actions is misclassifying employees as independent contractors.  
Here's four often overlooked legal issues you should think about before starting a family business.  
Mergers and acquisitions require finding the right skill set within the company to successfully execute.     
3 due diligence recommendations when buying a business.  
5 things to do before buying a business from a legal perspective.  
Small Business Life Insurance is used to protect a business, or the family of a businessman, from the financial loss.    
Entrepreneurs need to be aware of three warning signs within the results of a trademark search.  
Employing undocumented labor requires the employer to understand the full scope of potential risks.  
Financial planning clock management is vital to small business funding and strategy.  
Restaurant owners need to be aware of state and federal regulations governing employee pay.    
 Small business owners need to be aware of the legal nuances when negotiating the supply of goods or services.  
Here are 7 financial concepts to better understand your small business and  to help secure a loan.
Outside investors want to understand a business' strategy as well as its financial statements  
"For restaurants, being able to negotiate a reasonable lease is often the first step to success..."  
The legal issues of a start up restaurant can be daunting, here are five insights to be aware of.  
Your personal credit score is important for your overall health.  
Small business owners need to be aware of new laws to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.   
New "interpretive rule making" as to what constitutes "specialty occupation" has business owners and students perplexed.  
Most borrowers will say the process is too complicated and customer service is deficient.  I don’t agree.  
While shopping may or may not be your thing, shopping around when looking for a small business financial consultant is a must!  
These nine steps will enhance the level of success in securing small business financing  
When it comes to owning or renting business real estate weigh the costs and benefits before making an investment
Technically, a "mark," when used in connection with goods (such as shoes, clothing, or cars) is a "trademark.  
Taxpayers should err on the side of caution and report any and all assets held in their ownership, whether these assets are foreign or domestic.  
When attempting to reduce one’s debt, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) needs to be provided with an accurate picture of one’s finances.  
The Tax Code has made some changes in terms of reducing tax debt with the IRS.  
There are a number of things you might not know, but should, with respect to the Act.    
Podcast 2: The tax cut impact on small business.   
The final six and seven parts of the Purchase Agreement for a purchase and sale of a business.    
The seven parts of the Purchase Agreement for a purchase and sale of a business.  
The sale and purchase of a business can be complex here are 3 key stages to consider.    
My advice to my small business owner clients in these times of change.  
Four factors for small business owners when issuing equity     
Here's why small business owners need to take the necessary steps to file trademarks.     

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