Rumo and GE Transportation Drive Digital Transformation in Brazil with Trip Optimizer, an Industry Leading Energy Management Solution

Focused on the digitization of transportation, the companies
reinforce their collaboration and take first step toward transitioning
from manual to automated trains

SÃO PAULO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(NYSE:GE) GE Transportation continues to drive the digital
transformation of rail with an agreement with Rumo, one of the largest
rail-based logistics operators in Latin America. Through the agreement,
GE Transportation will implement Trip Optimizer on Rumo’s locomotive
fleet that runs on the North and São Paulo Lines across ~2,000 km of
track. Operation is scheduled to start in 2018.

Trip Optimizer is a software-based energy management system that ingests
data about a train’s route and load, and then automatically drives the
train in the most fuel-efficient manner. The solution has helped GE
Transportation’s customers save over 145 million gallons of diesel fuel.

"We’re proud to partner with Rumo to improve the efficiency of rail in
Brazil,” said Danilo Miyasato, Commercial Director of GE Transportation
for Latin America. “The installation of Trip Optimizer is an important
first step in transitioning from manual trains to fully automated ones.
It will not only increase rail productivity, but also radically change
logistics for the better.”

Trip Optimizer runs on GoLINC™, GE Transportation's on-board computing
platform, which turns a locomotive into a mobile data center and enables
the implementation of GE’s full suite of digital solutions. To optimize
outcomes, Trip Optimizer’s algorithms develop a customized plan to work
with each train’s specific rail route. This produces significant
benefits, including optimizing operations and improving train handling
and fuel economy, which is the largest expense for railroads. During
each journey, Trip Optimizer syncs with the other systems on board the
locomotive so it can consider and adapt to potential changes that could
impact the route, enabling the train to consistently arrive on time
while using the least amount of fuel possible.

In addition to the installation of Trip Optimizer, Rumo and GE are
exploring other digital solutions that can be utilized to meet the
company’s specific business goals, such as reducing operating costs.

“Our work with Rumo is truly a partnership. We have a collaborative,
consultative relationship, which involves dedication from both parties,”
explains Marcos Costa, president and CEO of GE Transportation for Latin
America. “By working side-by-side with our customers, we’re able to
drive the best outcomes possible.”

“This project represents an important evolution for Rumo,” said Roberto
Rubio Potzmann, Technology Director of Rumo. “When integrated with our
global technology strategy, it will bring considerable precision in the
movement of freight, generating greater efficiency for our operation.
Beyond that, the benefits of reducing fuel consumption extend beyond our
own operations to the broader society as well.”

Rumo is the third major railroad in Brazil to select Trip Optimizer,
making it the preferred solution for energy management in Brazilian rail.

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