Cint Partners With eCGlobal Research Solutions to Expand Reach Into Latin America

Strengthens Cint’s reach in LATAM with new, local audience of more
than 500,000

the world’s Insight Exchange, today announced a strategic partnership
with eCGlobal
Research Solutions
, a marketing technology solutions provider, to
gain significant reach into the Latin America (LATAM) market.

“Cint’s ongoing expansion in LATAM remains a key factor to our success
in the Americas. By collaborating with regional market leaders like
eCGlobal, we’re able to bring new efficiencies and scale to our
businesses in addition to arming market research and brand marketers
with coveted LATAM access,” said Jake
Wolff, EVP of the Americas, Cint

Through this partnership, Cint and eCGlobal will reach new LATAM
networks with expanded technology.

With eCGlobal’s audience, Cint will receive access to a much richer
sample in a hard to recruit market. From this partnership, Cint’s
insights exchange will gain 500,000 additional respondents in LATAM, as
well as the addition of eCGlobal’s Hispanic audience in the US, a
sought-after market for local researchers. Similarly, eCGlobal will
leverage Cint’s technology to automate their recruitment and digital
research fielding. By incorporating this technology, eCGlobal will
benefit from added overall efficiency and greater quality measures that
were not available through other platforms or providers.

“We know automation without quality control is not an option for market
research,” said Adriana
Rocha, Founder and CEO of eCGlobal
and one of the first online
pioneers in Brazil. “It is happening fast on several different fronts,
from data collection to analysis and reporting. However, when it comes
to automating online sample purchase, there is a great concern regarding
quality, fraud and other aspects that compromise the data collected.
With this partnership, Cint and eCGlobal will bring the best of both
worlds to the global market research industry: automation with
data quality through superior user experiences, reliable sample sources
at speed and affordable prices.”

Together, Cint and eCGlobal will have access to an abundance of quality
samples and audiences that will provide a new, inside look at a
relatively challenging, yet emerging market.

About Cint

is a software company developing technology to innovate the way insights
are gathered. Cint specializes in API and SaaS solutions offering
efficient, user-friendly tools to access online consumer panels, as well
as panel management software. Cint’s exchange platform is a fully
transparent insights marketplace, bringing together questions and
answers from all around the world.

Reach more than 40 million consumers in 80+ countries, all sourced via
1,500+ different panels owned by publishers, local media outlets, market
research agencies and non-profits.

About eCGlobal Research Solutions

Research Solutions
is a pioneer and leader in online panels and
digital market research solutions in the Latin America market. Its
innovative cloud-based technology unlocks the power of consumer
collaboration, combining social media, communities, mobile,
gamification, surveys and big data analytics, all-in-one single platform.

With offices in the US, Mexico and Brazil, the company’s mission is to
help organizations make better business decisions, and develop better
products and services, through co-creation and continuous collaboration
with consumers.


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