Relationships are the cornerstone of a new era of people-to-people businesses  
6 recommendations to make powerful emotional brand connections.  
Sell what is (not what you think is) in the the best interest of your client ...here's how.  
The business world is shifting and it’s wise to understand and take advantage of the new rules.  
Forecasting trends, analyzing statistics with analytics software can drive small business success  
A sales lesson for small business owners from my Latin culture and experience.    
Paying attention to your customer data is key to keeping your small business growing.  
Here are 2 concepts to think about and 5 tips to be more successfully sell to the Latino market.  
Make it about making a difference not making a dollar  
So what can the power of randomness mean for small businesses?    
For years, the business community has grappled with how to best target and engage Millennial minds.  
A challenge of today’s small business marketers is to think creatively about sustainable development  
Fundamental approaches for Hispanic businesses to engage Hispanic consumers.  
Feeling persuaded, entertained, informed, or even outraged or you are bored silly and/or confused.   
Gleaning consumer feedback and competitive information to track results and grow your small business.    
How to improve your next presentation by addressing each of these key areas.   
Here are five traits to truly thrive in the sales industry.  
The most important principle of any successful marketing and/or sales effort is this: The Client is King.  
Four steps after the sale to ensure the customer is appreciated.  
Exploiting Your Information Supply Chain  
Facebook and for that matter Google, captures every interaction that occurs to which it has access.  
5 major Latino culture benefits to take full advantage maximizing sales in the U.S.  
The key is to enrich your data sources for increased Insight.  
How to use social media to drive leads...5 recommendations.  
6 brand positioning techniques for staking a claim in specific market segments.    
Small business start-ups, brand, company image and branding recognition within cultures.  
Data – whether big or small – is the hottest topic in business today.  
What to do and what not to do are both crucial to the success or failure of a client meeting.  
11 color palettes for food and beverages products which can make a big difference in sales performance.  
Five more superpowers of packaging.  
Product packaging is as important as the product itself!  
Use these 4 types of data analytics to access your small business' analytics performance.  
Product and market alu=ignment are crucial to small business success.    
Manage client expectations by listening, capturing brand-product knowledge and driving collaboration   
Six lessons from a master in his sales profession.  
How Many Customers = “Enough??”  

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