The Business of Music: Tito Puente Jr. Spotlight Part 2 [Video]

Tito at the timbales for his 2018 New Year’s performance

Photo courtesy of Tito Puente Jr.:Tito at the timbales for his 2018 New Year’s performance





Tito Jr. has a long list of projects in the works!

He has a new album planned.

He’s also hoping to do a live recording album because he feels the audience experience of singing and dancing is such a huge part of the enjoyment of the vibrant Latin musical style. He is also gearing up to collaborate with talented female musicians such as his father did with India, Sophy, La Lupe, and the unforgettable Celia Cruz.

He feels there is a huge void of female singers in salsa/mambo music and he would love to help kick down the doors for them to gain more exposure.

Leading the way to this collaboration is his single, “Mi Socio”, that just released for the new year along with it’s music video. It is a rendition of a song from his father’s classic 1965 album called “Tito Puente & La Lupe—Tito Puente Swings—The Exciting Lupe Sings”.

It has a bit more of a modern feel but stays true to his father’s original arrangement and has the powerful female vocals of Melina Almodovar giving it a fun infectious dance sound that you will want to be mambo-ing right into 2018 with! 


Titi Puente Jr's Mi Socio         


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