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Latino small business acculturation and assimulation




4.   Greed vs. Generosity

Similar to the hubris issue, greed is a concern in the Latino community. 

People like successful people, but tight fisted monsters are not appreciated.  In an America where greed sometimes seems to be the main religion, where wealthy people are revered no matter how unscrupulously they gained their wealth, this can be an issue for Latino business owners.

For a population in which generosity is a basic trait, it can be tough to find the right lane to be in whereby you earn a living, you grow a business, and you are also a good boss and a solid pillar of your community. 

Everyone has to find their own path, but for every greedy jerk we see on TV, there are hundreds of solid, reasonable and successful people that Latinos can look to for guidance.  The leaders of Starbucks and Costco offer health insurance and living wages to their employees and they still do well. 

The owner of Polartec kept his employees on salary after their factory burned down. 

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet give literally billions to thoughtful charities that strive to improve people’s lives in a systemic way, not just throwing money at their guilt.  So you can be successful and retain your essential Latino traits of despising Greed and loving Generosity.

5.   Keep Your Identity, Don’t Lose Your Soul

As Latinos grow with their experiences in the US, the population is increasingly becoming Bilingual/Bicultural. 

Many expected Latinos to take the express train from Low Accuturated to Highly Acculturated (if not completely Assimilated), but they have not.  It seems the Latinos population in the US is preferring to find a comfortable middle where they will keep Spanish in their lives to one degree or another, but even if they don’t, they keep their Latino culture in their hearts. 

As I suggested above, Latinos are, by and large, humble and abhor hubris.  

Latinos are generous and despise greed.   Latinos are gregarious and effusive and are ridiculously devoted to their families.  They are loyal to a fault and incredibly hard working.  These are wonderful traits. 

So even as you grow as a small business owner, even as you accumulate wealth and develop marketing instincts, even as you adapt to life and doing business in the US, not only is their no good reason to abandon your Latino culture, there is good reason to keep it as this will draw customers to you. 

Who wouldn’t want to do business with someone who is hard working, competent, honest, reliable, loyal, humble, generous and reasonable? 

Who wouldn’t want to do business with someone who celebrates his or her own culture while respecting others? 

Who wouldn’t want to do business with such a person?  No one.  Keep your Latino essence nicely preservado

It’s good for business.

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