Four Steps to Leverage Technology and Fuel Business Growth

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3.   Select The Solution

Using your research, narrow down the solutions to a few vendors. 

Schedule interviews with them, and learn how they address each of the core processes you identified in step 1.  There are many factors to discuss including functionality, architecture, ease of use, integration with other products, migration assistance, and cost. 

4.   Build Processes Around the Solution

Once you have selected the solution, create a roadmap to complete its implementation. 

Identify the items that you will address first.  Perhaps the best advice I can give in this phase is to create processes around the use of the product.  Identify how you will use it in your business.  Identify where a task begins and where it ends, and the steps that you will perform in between. 

Document each these steps and create a written procedure for each task.  Use this document to train current and future members of your team.  This will assure that the product will be leveraged to the fullest capacity, ensure a consistent deliverable, and leave no gaps in accountability or completion of the task. 


It has been 5 years since Tarrytech went through the process of revamping and optimizing technology in our business, and the results have been dramatic! 

We have grown in excess of 20% ever year.  We have documented processes around every delivery area, both internal and client facing.  All team members have a full understanding of how we use our technology solutions to complete our tasks.  As part of the process of implementing the new technology, we leveraged the product functionality to help refine our job roles and clarify our responsibilities. 

I’m certain that we would not have experienced this growth without leveraging technology, and building the supporting processes around its use. 

In addition, there are even more encouraging results. 

I have seen countless examples of similar results at clients who have implemented and maximized technology solutions in their businesses.  A current example is a law firm client who has been working with Tarrytech for the past year. 

In the past year, we have replaced several core systems, including an upgrade of their time and billing software, and the implementation of a VoIP phone solution.  Since these projects have been completed, the law firm has hired 6 new staff, and have opened a new office. 

Although we can’t take credit for the successes of the law firm, I’m certain that this type of growth could not have been sustained without the new technology solutions.

If you want to grow your business, I encourage you to critically analyze how you currently deliver your products and services. 

Explore how you can leverage technology to deliver these products and services and create roadmap to implement them at your firm! 

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About the author

James Kudla

As the President of Tarrytech Computer Consultants, James Kudla specializes in management, new product development and business development. James earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Binghamton University and holds many technical certifications including the MCSE, CCNA and CCNP. A former network systems engineer and network integrator, James brings our team 19 years of diverse IT industry experience. James and the talented team at Tarrytech are committed to Tarrytech’s mission, which is “To create and maintain harmony in your technical life through the design, installation, management, and support of smart technology solutions”.