Work, Life Balance, Women Who…”Want it All.”  

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2.   “Service to others over career choice”

While the message to serve others is still important and holds true, making sure one’s career choice could support the lifestyle you want was clearly not the focus.

I think the old idea that a woman could just “find” something to do that was personally rewarding by helping others was enough. Being available to others was always on the top of the list and took priority over doing something with her time that would actually bring her personal joy and fulfillment. 

It was usually about everyone else and the woman was the last one on the list. The order of priority was usually children first, men second, and then came self.

3.   “Leave your parents’ home as a married woman.”

It is sad to think that the only way many of us could leave the security of our parents’ home with any sense of dignity and grace was once we got married.

The concern of what friends and neighbors would think was oh, so important.  The message was clear that if a young lady left home as a single woman, she better have plans of becoming a nun.  Leaving unmarried was clearly not the ideal or tradition in my home. 

 Fortunately, these restrictions, ideals and limitations for women have changed over the years. Women’s rights and the power that comes with voting has changed many family ideals and the way society views women altogether. 

Our desire to “want it all” has not changed over the years either; we just have come to realize that while we do want it all, we just can’t have it all at the same time.

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