Backing Up Data – Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

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Does this apply to you? Are you backing up your data?

If any of the above statements resonate with you, and your level of potential exposure with your backup, you need to review the following tips. 

If you are the individual responsible for designing the backup systems for your business, make sure you have addressed the following items.  If you are working with an outside vendor, review these points with them, and have them demonstrate the backup capabilities they have put in place. 

Are you backing up all of your data?

Data lives in many locations on a business network. 

These can be on a file server, local computer, hosted email in the cloud, or in the database for your critical line of business on the main server. 

Have a conversation with the staff to find out what is truly critical, and work with your IT vendor, hosting or software companies to find out:

  • Are all areas where data is stored addressed with backup?
  • If it’s in the cloud, does the hosting company provide backup? 
  • If it’s a database application, are you performing the correct procedures to secure a proper backup?
  • Do you need to move the location where users are saving data to a server or resource where this information can be captured?

In part two of this two part series we'll cover the following topics:

  • Once you are certain that you are capturing the correct information, what are the time elements related to your backup?
  • Is your data stored offsite?
  • How long would it take you to recover from a complete loss of your critical systems?

And next steps...

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